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If you’re searching for a car insurance policy that matches your needs and budget, NAB Car Insurance offers three levels of cover designed to suit a variety of drivers. Issued by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited, these policies include a 24/7 claims service, your choice of repairer, and a range of flexible options to allow you to tailor cover to your requirements.

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NAB Car Insurance cover options

  • Comprehensive insurance. This is the highest level of protection available from NAB Car Insurance, and it covers your vehicle against fire, theft and accidental damage, with new car replacement available for vehicles less than two years old. Child seats, personal items and rental vehicle after theft are all included in cover, as is $20 million legal liability cover when the use of your vehicle results in accidental damage to someone else’s property or supplementary bodily injury.
  • Third party fire & theft insurance. NAB third party fire & theft car insurance covers your vehicle against accidental loss or damage caused by fire and theft. Uninsured motorist damage is also covered, along with $20 million legal liability cover when the use of your vehicle results in accidental damage to someone else’s property or supplementary bodily injury.
  • Third party property damage insurance. This entry-level policy provides $20 million legal liability cover when you cause accidental damage to someone else’s property or supplementary bodily injury. Cover is also available for damage resulting from a no-fault accident with an uninsured motorist.

NAB Car Insurance levels of cover

  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Third party property damage insurance
  • Covers fire, theft and accidental damage
  • Agreed or market value cover
  • 24/7 claims service
  • Your choice of repairer
  • New car replacement for vehicles less than two years old
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  • $20 million liability cover
  • Buy online and save 10% on your first year of cover
  • Up to 65% no-claim bonus discount
  • Discounts for safe drivers
  • Roadside assistance for the first 12 months
  • Covers fire and theft
  • Towing costs
  • Rental car after theft
  • $20 million liability cover
  • Uninsured motorist damage
  • 24/7 claims service
  • Your choice of repairer
  • Flexible premium payment options
  • 14-day cooling-off period
  • $20 million liability cover
  • Uninsured motorist damage
  • 24/7 claims service
  • Flexible premium payment options
  • 14-day cooling-off period

Is this insurance suitable for me?

NAB has a number of eligibility requirements. It's really important that you read NAB's Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), which is available on its website, to determine if this car insurance will meet your needs and circumstances.

Your vehicle will need to be roadworthy and registered with the relevant transport authority in Australia. The underwriter of this insurance, Allianz, specifies that the likely financial situation its products are suited to is as follows: "Persons who are able to pay premiums in accordance with the chosen premium structure, and any excess in the event of a claim in accordance with the chosen excess option."

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General exclusions

Your NAB Car Insurance claim will not be paid if:

  • Your vehicle was being driven by an unlicensed driver or by someone the insurer declined to cover
  • Your vehicle was being driven by someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Your vehicle was exceeding its load or passenger limits
  • Your vehicle was being used in an unsafe or unroadworthy condition
  • Your vehicle was being used to carry passengers for hire, fare or reward
  • Your vehicle was being used for motorsport of any kind or in connection with the motor trade
  • Your vehicle was subjected to a deliberate, intentional, malicious or criminal act by you, anyone else named in the policy schedule, or anyone acting with your consentYour vehicle was damaged by an act of war or terrorism
  • It is for loss of use of your vehicle
  • It is for tyre damage caused by applying the brakes or by road punctures, bursts or cuts
  • It results from the lawful seizure of your vehicle
  • It is for loss or damage to your vehicle after an accident, theft or breakdown when you have failed to take reasonable steps to safeguard your car
  • Your vehicle was stolen after you left it unattended with the keys inside
  • You did not go with your vehicle when it was shown for sale and it was stolen
  • It is for the failure of the car’s computer or similar equipment
  • It is for loss or damage caused by cyclone, flood or bushfire in the first 72 hours of cover

NAB Car Insurance excess

When you make a claim, you may be required to pay an excess to contribute to the cost of that claim. Any excesses that apply will be shown in your policy document and may include the following:

  • Basic excess. This is the first excess you are required to pay on each claim. Its amount may vary if you choose to add a voluntary excess to your policy to enjoy cheaper premiums, or if the insurer imposes an additional excess on your policy due to specific risks.
  • Age excess. The age excess must be paid if you make a claim for an accident when your vehicle was being driven by someone under 25 years of age.
  • Theft excess. You’ll need to pay this excess if you make a claim for loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft.
  • Driver excess. The insurer may impose an additional excess on specific drivers listed on your policy.
  • Unnamed driver excess. The $2,500 unnamed driver excess applies when you have chosen the named driver option and your vehicle was being driven by anyone not listed as a named driver.

How to Save on Your NAB Car Insurance Policy

The following tips can help you save money on your NAB Car Insurance premiums:

  • Name your drivers. By selecting the named driver option, you can lower the cost of your NAB Car Insurance premiums.
  • Restrict drivers. Restricting drivers covered under your policy to people aged 25 or over will help reduce your premium.
  • Vary your excess. You can choose a higher excess in return for a cheaper premium.
  • Drive safely. As well as a maximum no-claims bonus discount of 65%, NAB Car Insurance offers additional discounts for safe drivers.
  • Buy online. You can save up to 10% on your first year of NAB Comprehensive Car Insurance if you buy online.

Making a Claim

NAB Car Insurance offers a dedicated 24/7 claims service, allowing you to lodge your claim whenever you need. Claims can be submitted online using Allianz’s claims form, or you can phone the Allianz claims hotline if you would like to be talked through the process by a consultant.

You’ll need to provide full information about the incident for which you are claiming, including when and where it happened, as well as any supporting documentation the insurer requests. If your car needs to be repaired, Allianz can help you find a suitable repairer.

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  • Yes, a 14-day cooling-off period applies to NAB Car Insurance. If you cancel your policy during this time, you will receive a full premium refund.

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  • Yes, you can remove the excess on window or windscreen only claims, allowing you to access one replacement plus two repairs per policy period.

  • NAB Car Insurance premiums can be paid by direct debit from your nominated credit card or bank account.

  • Premiums can be paid as an annual lump sum or in ongoing instalments.

  • Roadside assistance is included for the first 12 months on new NAB Comprehensive Car Insurance policies and is provided by Allianz Global Assistance.

If you’re looking for competitive car insurance to suit your unique cover needs, NAB Car Insurance is worth adding to your shortlist of options. However, you should always compare a range of policies before deciding which one has the right features for you.


How do I contact NAB Allianz insurance? ›

Call the Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) claims hotline on 1300 555 013.

How can I check my car insurance details online? ›

How to check vehicle insurance status online
  1. Step 1: Visit the official website of the insurance provider.
  2. Step 2: Enter contact information and vehicle insurance policy details.
  3. Step 3: Check the displayed insurance status.
  4. Step 1: Visit Parivahan Sewa's official website.

How do I find out who my car is insured with in Australia? ›

In any Australian state or territory, you should be able to check your vehicle's registration and insurance details online, through the state's roads or transport department website. You'll likely need to provide your vehicle rego number to access the details.

How do I find out if someone has car insurance? ›

How to check if someone else's vehicle is insured?
  1. Obtain the registration number of the vehicle you wish to check.
  2. Search the askMID database for the details that you need.
  3. If the vehicle is found in the MID database, then the insurance details of the other vehicle will appear on your screen.
Nov 27, 2022

How do I call Allianz from Australia from overseas? ›

International Emergency Numbers

For all other countries dial: +61 7 3305 7499.

How do I check MyAllianz policy status? ›

Call service:

Bajaj Allianz offers call services through which you can contact them for queries related to your policy. Call on 1800-209-7272 for any service-related questions or queries. Call on 1800-209-4040 if you have any queries related to the purchase process or renewal of your insurance policy.

How do I find information on an insurance policy? ›

Search Online

Use your state insurance department's policy finder, which will direct your inquiry to all participating life insurance companies that sell policies within that state. If your state doesn't have an online policy finder, contact your state's insurance department for help locating the policy.

How can you find out if someone has an insurance policy on someone? ›

Simply type your loved one's name into the search box at any of the following sites:
  1. National Association of Insurance Commissioners - Life Insurance Policy Locator.
  3. National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators -

How do I make an international call from Australia to USA? ›

The USA's country code is +1. For calls to USA from Australia dial: 0011 + 1 + area code + telephone number. For calls from USA to Australia dial: 00 + 61 + area code + telephone number.

How do I dial an Australian number overseas? ›

Making a call from abroad

To call an Australian mobile number, dial +61 followed by the mobile number (omitting the first zero in the mobile number). 0011 is the international dial out code unique to Australia. It will not work overseas, so you need to dial + instead.

Is Allianz in America? ›

We've been helping Americans prepare for their financial futures since 1896. Allianz Life is headquartered in Minneapolis.

How do I find out my last insurance policy? ›

Check Car Insurance Policy Status Online through VAHAN
  1. Visit VAHAN e-services and navigate to the tab marked “know your vehicle details” on top of the page.
  2. Enter the registration number of the car in question and enter the required “code for verification”.
  3. A “search vehicle” option will appear.

How do I check MyAllianz statement? ›

All statements and notices will be delivered to the email you registered with Allianz Life. You may also log-on to MyAllianz to access your policy details, statements and notices.

How do I claim MyAllianz? ›

Just call us toll-free: 1-866-884-3556.

Is there an insurance database? ›

All-payer claims databases (APCDs) are large State databases that include medical claims, pharmacy claims, dental claims, and eligibility and provider files collected from private and public payers. APCD data are reported directly by insurers to States, usually as part of a State mandate.

How do I trace a policy number? ›

Contact Home Branch

If the policyholder is not able to find out the policy number through any agent or does not have the online profile on the portal of LIC, then the policyholder can locate the policy number by vising the branch of LIC from where the policy was purchased first.

How do I find my insurance copy? ›

You can call the insurance company on their toll-free number or write an email to get a duplicate car insurance policy paper. It's important you inform about the loss of the policy papers at the earliest so that the insurer can start the process of issuing a duplicate copy of your insurance policy.

Can you have an insurance policy on someone without them knowing? ›

You can't take out a policy on someone without them knowing and you must be able to show insurable interest - proof that you will suffer financially if they die. To purchase a life insurance policy on someone else you must prove financial interest between both parties.

Can someone take a life insurance policy out on you without you knowing? ›

When you're getting life insurance, the person whose life will be insured is required to sign the application and give consent. Forging a signature on an application form is punishable under the law. So the answer is no, you can't get life insurance on someone without telling them, they must consent to it.

Can someone get insurance on my car without me knowing? ›

A Third Party can contact your insurer directly without your knowledge. With Third Party claims you might not know about them until much later.

How do I get my money back from Allianz? ›

For a full refund of your premium, you must cancel within 15 days of your plan purchase (depending on your state of residence) and must not have filed a claim or departed on your trip. Premiums are non-refundable after this period.

How do you submit a claim to Allianz insurance? ›

Just call us toll-free: 1-866-884-3556.

How do I send an email to Allianz? ›

We'd love to hear from you so whatever your question or concern please email us and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

How long does it take Allianz to pay out? ›

It will usually take 5- 10 working days for you/your intermediary to receive payment of your claim.

How long does it take for Allianz to pay a claim? ›

Once I've submitted my beneficiary claim form packet, how long will it take to process? Upon receipt of the required documents, we will process your claim within 10 business days or within the applicable state requirements.

How long does it take to receive payment from Allianz? ›

We can process a claim and issue payment instructions to your bank within 48 hours if you submit all required information.

How can I make a claim? ›

How to make a claim
  1. Step 1: File a police report. ...
  2. Step 2: Document any damage. ...
  3. Step 3: Review your coverage. ...
  4. Step 4: Contact your insurance company. ...
  5. Step 5: Prepare for the insurance adjuster. ...
  6. Step 6: Review the settlement offer. ...
  7. Step 7: Receive the claim payment and repair the damage.
Feb 13, 2023

How do I proceed an insurance claim? ›

Submit all relevant documents such as original death certificate and policy bond to your insurer to support your claim.
Claims Process
  1. Claim intimation/notification. ...
  2. Documents required for claim processing. ...
  3. Submission of required documents for claim processing. ...
  4. Settlement of claim.

How do I make an insurance claim? ›

To make a claim, get a form from your insurer or write to the other driver or their insurer, giving details of the accident and the other driver's policy number. Tell your insurer about any independent witnesses and send them witness statements if you can.

How can I check my insurance record? ›

Visit the website of the Insurance Information Bureau, which is framed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), and enter the registration number of your car to check the details of your car insurance cover.

How do I check my insurance claim history? ›

This can be easily found through the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB). The IIB maintains records of vehicles from 1 April 2010 in digital format. Through this web portal, you can find a car insurance status check in India.

How do I pay MyAllianz bill? ›

You can pay for your policies conveniently on the MyAllianz Customer Portal via the following:
  1. Debit / credit card - payment will be deducted from your card on a recurring basis when your premium is due.
  2. Online Banking (FPX) - payment will be deducted from your current / savings account on a one-time basis.

What is Allianz insurance email address? ›

If you want to email us a PDF application form, send email to

What time does Allianz customer service open? ›

Please include your name, mobile number and policy number. Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm and Saturday 9am - 1pm.


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