Facial Treatments Columbia, SC | Stacey O. Studio (2023)

All facials are customized just for you. Most treatments include skin analysis, cleansing, toning, microdermabrasion, steaming, deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, hand and foot massage, facial mask and extractions (if needed). Some facials may include high frequency, LED light therapy, ultrasonic exfoliation and product delivery and/or facial rolling/wrapping. We customize every facial every time! Once your skin is prepped to ensure penetration, a custom blend of serums and moisturizers will be applied to your skin. All treatments also include the neck and decollete area for no extra cost. Prepare to leave with glowing skin, a relaxed mind and a refreshed spirit!

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All facials are 50 - 75 minutes unless otherwise noted.

We add in a free microdermabrasion with most of our treatments as listed. If you do not wish to have one or if we discover any contraindications which would make a microdermabrasion ill-advised, we will leave that step out of treatment or switch it out with an ultrasonic exfoliation.

Although many of our facials are extremely relaxing, results are always our number one goal. So you won't find any "fluffy" facials on our menu that just feel good but don't do anything for the skin. We want every treatment to make your skin healthier for weeks or months to come so all facials are very active and results-driven, even though some can be just as relaxing as a massage and with zero irritation or redness!

We encourage you to look through this list and find some favorites. But don't feel pressured to pick your own facial. When you come in for your treatment, Stacey, Sarah or Bradleigh will analyze your skin, discuss your goals and challenges, and help you pick the perfect facial for you! We even have a “secret menu” of some special treatments that we may suggest if your skin is “asking” for something different!

Temple of Beauty Facial featuring Odacite -$130

This French facial is a decadent symphony of botanicals, textures and massage techniques designed to lift, hydrate and firm. The concentrated cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants, plant extracts, and medicinal herbs help to plump, restore, and soothe the skin. Odacite’s crystal Gua Sha stones, inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, sculp the facial contours and activate lymphatic drainage. You will select the Gua Sha stone that speaks to you most deeply at the beginning of the facial - Blue Sodalite encourages harmony and eases anxiety while strengthening bonds with others. Green Adventurine attracts more opportunities and abundance into your life. The Rose Quartz opens the heart chakra and encourages compassion, tenderness, forgiveness and comfort.
This treatment is completely customized for your skin and combines the power of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins from plant extracts with the benefits of aromatherapy, traditional medicine and the vibrational power of the crystals to transform your skin and your mood. We encourage clients to experience this facial in silence to get the most benefits. Due to the heavy amount of facial massage and oils used during the treatment, along with some scalp massage, you may get a small amount of oil in your hair.

Red Carpet Facial -$120

Known as the “non-surgical face lift,” the facial that is famous in Hollywood, Ritz Carlton® spas and the GrovePark Inn® is now in Columbia: only at Stacey O. Studio. You will feel your skin lift and tighten as this results-oriented treatment utilizes a mix of state-of-the-art enzymes and proteins to improve skin health through cell regeneration. Symptoms of aging skin, including wrinkles, loss of glow, irregular tones and increased pore size, are minimized and repaired. This facial is an experience like no other and works wonders on all skin types.The Red Carpet, which is Epicuren's Signature Facial, increases detoxification, the appearance of the skin's clarity, elasticity, texture and improves the overall health of the skin. This intense facial is one of our most popular treatments and is especially great before a special event. Due to the intensity and active nature of this facial, a microderm is not included but can be added on for $25 if your skin is resilient and you don't have contraindications.


Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial - $150

One of the most famous facials in the world, we are excited to be one of only 2 spas in South Carolina with the most popular and original Oxygen Facial. Click here for more information.

The Power Couple - $245

Our Red Carpet Facial and the Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial combined for the ULTIMATE in plump and glow! Save $15 when you pair the two together. Our most popular package for wedding parties, event preparation and those looking for a deluxe experience. Please allow one hour and 45 minutes for this treatment.

The KYPRIS Ultrasonic/LED Experience-$140 (75 minutes)

The Ultrasonic Facial uses the newest resurfacing techniques and KYPRIS products - some of the finest in the world!!! Water is penetrated into your pores at 28,000 times per second to flush out oil, dirt & dead skin. This process kills bacteria,reduces inflammation and helps oil, debris and product build-up “unstick” from the sides of the pores. Gentle, but very effective extractions can then be performed. After this gentle deep cleansing and exfoliating process, you’ll experience a free 15 minute LED light treatment targeting your specific needs. LED is excellent for reducing inflammation, building collagen and helping to fight acne. We will then create a personalized micro-emulsion utlitilzing specialized KYPRIS products to permeate the epidermis while micro-current builds collagen & helps re-educate cells to act younger. Incredibly hydrating & age-defying! Also great for adult acne or congested skin.

The KYPRIS Cerulean Facial to QUENCH- $120

This facial features our beloved KYPRIS line,made with organic, wildcrafted, and sustainably procured ingredients. Their Cerulean mask has a cult-like following and has Thalassic treasures to soothe, soften, and hydrate the skin. This facial will include a cleansing, microdermabrasion, facial massage, hand and foot massage, the Cerulean mask and then you will be topped off with wonderful KYPRIS products. Sea holly stem cells, chaga, silver ear mushroom, turmeric and tulsi flowers are just a few ingredients in this beautiful skin treatment.

The KYPRIS Glow Philtre Facial to GLOW- $120

Detoxify, brighten, soften, exfoliate and smooth the skin with the help of this Glow Philtre facial by the elusive and amazing KYPRIS! The Glow Philtre treatment mask blends refining pomegranate pith enzymes, softening thalassic extracts of sea fennel stem cells & sea algae, with ultra hydrating silver ear mushroom for soft, brightened, refreshed, glowing skin.

The KYPRIS Deep Forest Facial to DETOX- $120

Forest, earth and sea combine to detox, tighten, exfoliate and nourish the skin with this facial full of herbal love. Formulated with hydrating mineral clay, medicinal botanicals, soothing Sea Algae, 71 different unique minerals and elements to calm and botanical acids to gently exfoliate the skin, this facial is the real deal when it comes to seriously happy skin!

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Let’s Get Stoned Facial with LED - $140 (75 minutes)

A Stacey O. Studio original - this treatment is jam-packed with skin goodness - you’ll have a double cleanse, scrub and microdermabrasion to start. An Epicuren acid blend will gently exfoliate and then their Restore mask will neutralize the acid while delivering tons of antioxidants and nutrients. A 15 minute LED treatment under our super powerful Lightwave LED machine will reenergize the skin cells. Then, an Esthemax CBD hydro jelly mask will reduce inflammation and hydrate. We end this facial with a Gua Sha stone massage to increase circulation, lift and promote lymphatic drainage to leave your skin gorgeous and sparkly!

Vampire Infusion Facial - $120

A perfect blend of exfoliation, hydration and antioxidants, this facial focuses on overall skin health and collagen building. A double cleanse, scrub, fruit enzyme exfoliation, hand and foot massage, facial massage, microderm and Vampire Hydrojelly mask with Poly-L-Lactic Acid will make your skin glow!

Brighten and Detox Facial Featuring PCA's Detox Mask, Oxy Trio and Enzymatic Treatment - $120

This facial features 3 of PCA's super treatments in one! This is great for all skin types and will detox, oxygenate the skin and give you an enzymatic exfoliation to brighten and tighten with no downtime. A microdermabrasion will be done at the beginning of the facial to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

Himalayan SuperFruit Facial with Microdermabrasion -$110

Epicuren's Himalayan SuperFruit Facial will give you the benefits of antioxidants and enzymes that act like alpha hydroxy acids. An exotic enzyme puree of Pomegranate, Goji, Bilberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Acai, and Noni effectively dissolves lifeless skin cells while the fruits' seeds delicately buff them away. High in vitamin C, trace minerals, protein, vitamins, antioxidants, and iron, these anthocyanin-rich superfruits are believed to possess life-giving and age-defying properties, and will leave your skin polished and fresh. Steam, hot towels and facial massage also make this results-driven facial very relaxing.

Green Tea & Seaweed Facial with Microdermabrasion -$110

This calming Epicuren® facial is beneficial for even the most sensitive skin. The super refreshing mask is designed to nourish, purify and soothe the surface of the skin by delivering all-natural, nutrient-rich ingredients to the layers that need it most. The aloe vera-based formula contains micronized sea clay, seaweed extract and green tea extract to hydrate the skin and encourage quick healing and a reduction in redness, leaving behind soft, supple skin that subtly radiates.

Crystalline Gemstone Facial with Microdermabrasion -$110

Treat yourself to a unique and energizing gem-stone masque made from micronized crystals like amethyst, quartz and tourmaline plus the added benefits of bentonite clay for an extraordinary tightening, detoxifying and anti-aging effect. Your skin’s vitality and circulation is improved revealing fresh beautiful skin. This exceptional Crystalline Masque is an Epicuren original utilizing the energy of micronized crystalline gemstones to create a high energy healing, tightening, and energizing result. This facial is appropriate for all skin types. Gemstones radiate a life force of sacred energy to bring harmony, balance, and transformation. The Gemstone Facial harnesses the power of precious gemstones to restore the mind and body, and rejuvenate the skin, leaving it visibly lifted, revitalized, and luminous. This luxurious skin therapy activates radiance from within using microcrystal exfoliation, multiple masks, and custom-tailored serums.

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Pumpkin Spice Facial with Microdermabrasion -$110

Epicuren's Pumpkin Peel will give you the benefits of antioxidants and enzymes that act like alpha hydroxy acids. The Pumpkin Peel replenishes the skin with necessary nutrients. Combining Pumpkin with five botanical extracts of Bilberry, Sugar Cane, Sugar Maple, Orange and Lemon, the Pumpkin Peel promotes smoother, younger looking skin along with cell renewal. This facial is appropriate for all skin types and includes facial massage, steam and hot towels which make this results-driven facial relaxing as well!

Acne Clarifying Facial - $100

This facial addresses the main areas of concern for clients dealing with acne: inflammation, bacteria control, exfoliation, and modulating oil production. Epicuren acne treatments utilize a unique combination of exfoliating enzymes, sulfur and probiotics as an alternative to traditional methods, resulting in a noticeably clearer complexion. Results are most effective when offered in a series.This facial may also include one or more of the following: a microdermabrasion, a 15-minute LED session under the blue light to reduce inflammation and fight bacteria, extractions, high frequency, or ultrasonic exfoliation. Your skin will “tell” your esthetician what it needs!

Valeur - Gentlemen’s Facial with 40 Min. Massage and Microdermabrasion- $165

This facial is a tribute to the classic gentlemen’s barber shop, where steaming hot towels and massage are staples of the experience. A refreshing deep cleanse and thorough exfoliation lead to total relaxation as the stress and tension are worked out of your neck, shoulders and scalp. A full body massage is incorporated into the treatment using an exotic mix of precious oils such as Tobacco, Sandalwood, and Spruce.

Back Facial with Microdermabrasion -$120

Look just as good saying bye as you do saying hi! Feel confident in that backless dress or swimsuit and combat those pesky back-blemishes, pigmentation or dryness and enjoy beautiful, younger looking skin.

Back Peel with Microdermabrasion -$150

Look just as good saying bye as you do saying hi! Feel confident in that backless dress or swimsuit and combat those pesky back-blemishes, pigmentation or dryness and enjoy beautiful, younger looking skin.

Full Body Massage and Deluxe Facial Combo (with Stacey only)- $165

During this relaxing treatment, Stacey will begin with a relaxing Swedish-inspired (not deep pressure or clinical) massage on your back, neck, glutes, legs and feet. You will then flip over and your therapist will begin a deluxe Epicuren facial treatment focused on your skin's needs (including cleansing, exfoliation, microdermabrasion, mask, facial massage and application of serums, etc.). While your mask is on, they will then complete the massage on your anterior legs, feet, arms and neck. Prepare for a relaxed body and fresh, healthy skin that glows! 75 minutes.

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Skin Transformation Series -
For Those Serious About Changing Their Skin
Stacey O. Studio Signature Treatment Series $1,790
14 treatments (2 Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials, 2 KYPRIS Ultrasonic Facials, 2 Espresso Limon Body Treatments, 6 Deluxe Epicuren Facials with Microdermabrasion or PCA microdermabrasion/peels, 2 PCA retinol peels and 6 LED sessions incorporated into your treatments)

You save over $550

Imagine - true skin transformation in months! If you are serious about getting your skin “in shape,” then this is the package for you. Alternate my popular microdermabrasion/peels with Epicuren® Facials, KYPRIS Ultrasonic Facials and Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials to give your skin the glow and freshness you’ve been missing! We will alternate treatments that either break down cells for skin renewal or build up cells with nourishment and antioxidants. We will discuss your goals and challenges and figure out the perfect schedule for you. Includes 14 skin treatments - 2 Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials, 2 KYPRIS Ultrasonic Facials, 2 Espresso Limon Body Treatments, 6 Epicuren Facials/PCA microdermabrasion peel combos and two PCA retinol peels. We will also include 6 free LED sessions in six of your treatments. This special is designed for once a month treatments which is the best schedule to get your skin in shape. Entire series must be prepaid and used within 16 months of purchase.

Contact Our Day Spa Today for Skin Care in Columbia, SC

At Stacey O Studio, our number one goal with our facial treatments is to make your skin healthier. There are many benefits to facial treatments, such as reducing wrinkles, improving skin elasticity, clearing blemishes, giving you a healthy glow, and much more. Skin is the largest organ you have so proper skin care is essential for your general health. We understand that everyone’s skin is different, so we will create a customized facial that works for you and your skin. Give us a call to book an appointment for one of our fabulous facial treatments!

We look forward to helping you get the results you are looking for!


What does a 1 hour facial include? ›

Almost all facials consist of four basic steps: cleansing, exfoliating, massaging the face and neck, and applying a mask for your specific skin type.

How long does a facial treatment usually last? ›

What's more, despite their variety, which can include prescription, deep-cleansing, nourishing, brightening and anti-aging, most full facials will usually last between only 60 and 90 minutes with taster or express facials lasting about 30 minutes.

What does a 60 minute facial consist of? ›

We perform extractions to unclog pores, and then you will enjoy a customized treatment mask with facial massage. The facial is topped off with toners, serums, a customized eye treatment, moisturizer, and our signature lip treatment.

What does a 30 minute facial include? ›

This quick 30 minute facial includes a deep cleansing, mask and moisturizing- No massage included. Get maximum results in minimum time! Great for all skin types!

How much do you tip for a 30 minute facial? ›

Of course, there are people who follow the general suggested American tipping custom between 15%-20% of the service cost.

What should you not do before a facial? ›

In this post, we have compiled a list of 8 things which will help you in avoiding any disappointments after a facial treatment.
  • Don't Spend a Day Under the Sun: ...
  • Avoid Using Exfoliating Products: ...
  • Don't Get Botox: ...
  • Do Not Wax your Face: ...
  • Avoid Squeezing your Acne: ...
  • Avoid Using Chemical Peels: ...
  • Avoid Using Eyelash Extensions:
6 Aug 2021

What is the most effective facial? ›

If you're looking for instant results, a hydration or dermaplane facial would be best at giving you an immediate youthful look. However, if you're looking for a treatment with longer lasting results, microneedling or chemical peel facials might be best to help you achieve your wrinkle-free look.

What should you not do after a facial treatment? ›

  1. Go easy on your face when washing it. Remember, your skin is ultrasensitive after a facial so you'll want to go easy on it. ...
  2. Skip the toner. ...
  3. Resist the sauna. ...
  4. Rethink that post-facial massage. ...
  5. Reschedule your workout. ...
  6. Lay off any exfoliators or face scrubs. ...
  7. Stay away from acne products and other at-home treatments.
21 Aug 2019

What are the 7 steps of facial? ›

  • Step 1: Cleanse well. First and foremost, start with a clean canvas. ...
  • Step 2: Exfoliate. The second step is to exfoliate. ...
  • Step 3: Massage your face. ...
  • Step 4: Take steam. ...
  • Step 5: Mask it. ...
  • Step 6: Get toning. ...
  • Step 7: Moisturise obviously.
8 Apr 2019

How often should you go for a facial? ›

Of course, how often you should get a facial will depend on the number and severity of your clogged pores. As a general rule of thumb, though, it's helpful to get a facial every 2-3 weeks until the skin clears. You can spread the facials out again to every 4-6 weeks after that.

What are the 5 basic steps of a facial? ›

5 Facial Steps to do at Home | Natural Facial at Home
  • Facial always has a special place in everybody's skincare regimen. ...
  • Then, the salon kind of facial at home can get you out of this exigency. ...
  • Cleaning.
  • Steaming & Exfoliation.
  • Massage.
  • Face Mask.
  • Moisturization.
8 Mar 2021

Is a monthly facial worth it? ›

Although — depending on the type you sign up for — they can definitely set you back a significant chunk of change, facials restore life, buoyancy, and resilience to your skin unlike anything else, so they're worth splurging on — if not every month, at least once per season.

What are the four basic daily facial care? ›

  • Step 1: Cleanser. A low pH cleanser is a great first step in forming your skincare routine. ...
  • Step 2: Moisturizer. A lightweight moisturizer is your best friend for climates like ours. ...
  • Step 3: Sunscreen. Sunscreen is the ultimate anti-aging product. ...
  • Step 4: Exfoliant.
8 Aug 2017

Do you tip your Botox girl? ›

Rule of thumb: If your injector own the practice, no tipping necessary. If they are an employee it is customary to tip.

Is $20 a good tip for a facial? ›

How Much Should You Tip Your Esthetician for a Facial at a Spa? According to Saime Demirovic, co-founder of GLO Spa NY, 18-20% is customary when seeing an esthetician for a facial. “The industry standard is pretty much the same as tipping at a restaurant,” she says.

How much should I tip for a $50 facial? ›

Remember that your esthetician is providing you with a service, so you should always tip. What to tip for a facial is much like tipping a server at a restaurant. A 20% tip is good, but base it off the esthetician's performance.

Is it better to get a facial in the morning or evening? ›

Because the skin does all of its best refreshing and rejuvenating as you sleep, making sure that your facial skin is cleansed and nourished before you hit the hay is the best way to wake up with soft, glowing, beautiful skin that looks great throughout the day.

Is it better to get a facial in the morning or afternoon? ›

Some women prefer early morning facials that will allow them to show off their glowing skin for the rest of the day, while other women prefer evening facials that allow them to transition into a beautiful night's rest. If you choose a morning facial, simply put your makeup on as usual afterwards.

Do you wear pants during a facial? ›

Many clients leave their pants on, but you can remove them if the robe is long enough and that makes you more comfortable. The bottom line is your esthetician will not judge you on what you're wearing, so wear whatever feels good.

What is the best facial treatment for aging skin? ›

Treatment Options for Aging Skin

For early signs of aging, treatments that use retinoids, vitamin C, and alpha hydroxy acids may be enough. Chemical peels, dermabrasion, microneedling,ultrasound energy devices, or laser resurfacing may be an option for moderate to severe facial sun damage.

What kind of facial is best for aging skin? ›

Microneedling facials, in which short, very thin needles puncture the skin in order to increase collagen, may actually come with some benefits, he says. Studies have shown microneedling—by triggering collagen formation and skin remodeling—is an effective treatment for reducing the visibility of wrinkles and scars.

What facial treatments make you look younger? ›

Here are a few options we offer to help your outer appearance look as young as you feel on the inside.
  • Botox. Probably the best known noninvasive procedure to fight off aging, botox involves a small painless injection that relaxes the muscle tension that causes wrinkles. ...
  • Juvederm and Other Cosmetic Fillers. ...
  • Chemical Peels.

Which facial gives instant glow? ›

Silver facial: This facial is done to detoxify and purify your skin. The silver facial consists of a glow scrub, gel, cream and pack that offers dull skin an instant lift. This facial not only restores the natural pH balance of your skin, but also clears the pores and deep cleans to prevent the formation of blackheads.

What is the best treatment for deep facial wrinkles? ›

But if you're part of the many that dread the formation of deep wrinkles, there are many ways to address them.
  • Retinoids.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Chemical Peels.
  • Botox.
  • Dermal Fillers.
  • Microneedling.
  • Fraxel Laser Treatment.
  • Prevention is Key.
12 Oct 2022

What facial helps tighten skin? ›

Radiofrequency (RF) therapy.

It is FDA-approved to treat the face, neck, body, and hands. RF treatments can be combined with microneedling to treat deeper layers of skin. In either case, results appear gradually.

Is it better to shower before or after a facial? ›

you'll want to avoid sweating and a hot shower right after your facial as it can reactivate any enzymes or treatment products that were used, and may irritate your skin.

How many days it takes to glow after facial? ›

The immediate effect of your facial will typically be visible from three to five days. Follow these rules to let that glow stay for a longer period of time. Representational image. Spa facials are really beneficial for your skin.

How long after a facial do you see results? ›

It takes the skin between three and four weeks to cycle, treatments will help keep your skin refreshed, clear, and toned. However, if you tend to be on the oily side, you may need more frequent visits to achieve the desired results.

What to expect the first time you get a facial? ›

Your skincare specialist will gently massage a cleanser into your face and neck to remove any initial traces of makeup and dirt. They will then use a soft facial sponge, cloth, or cotton pad to gently remove the cleanser from your face using warm water.

What should I expect for my first facial? ›

During the facial, you should expect an analysis of your skin, deep cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, treatment, and hydration. Better facials will include a mask, such as a Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose facial sheet mask. And some facials will include extraction.

What should a facial routine consist of? ›

The three basic skin-care routine steps are cleansing, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen (look for at least SPF 30 and “broad spectrum” on the label). Your morning skin-care routine should include those basics: washing with a cleanser, slathering on a moisturizer, then putting on your sunscreen, says Dr. Skotnicki.

Do they remove blackheads during a facial? ›

During extraction, the therapist uses a special blackhead tool to apply pressure to your nose to loosen and release the sebum from your pores. After the facial you may notice a bit of redness from the pressure, but this dies down within the day.

Do you tip for a facial? ›

How Much Should You Tip Your Esthetician for a Facial at a Spa? According to Saime Demirovic, co-founder of GLO Spa NY, 18-20% is customary when seeing an esthetician for a facial. “The industry standard is pretty much the same as tipping at a restaurant,” she says.

What should you not do after a facial? ›

“After an evening facial, you won't need to wash your face as long as you're not applying sunscreen or makeup. Unless instructed otherwise, you don't want to go more than six hours without washing your face.” When it is time to cleanse, we recommend Ultra Facial Cleanser.

Do you talk during a facial? ›

Should you talk during a facial? This is entirely your call. “It's your time to spend it however you feel,” says Rouleau. “If you want to talk about your skin or have an aesthetician be an ear for whatever is going on in your personal life, it's up to you.

What do you wear for a facial? ›

There's a simple answer to this question: wear whatever makes you comfortable! Realistically it doesn't matter too much what you wear, but you should remember that changing back into tight or uncomfortable clothes after your facial might not be the best way to end such a relaxing service.

What is a good age to get a facial? ›

Many experts believe that at about the age of 14, you can begin using facials to care for your skin. That's when your skin starts to shift, and blackheads, wrinkles, and acne start to show up. Although some teenagers may experience puberty sooner or later, the beginning of puberty is a good guideline.

How many times should a facial treatment be done? ›

As a general rule of thumb, though, it's helpful to get a facial every 2-3 weeks until the skin clears. You can spread the facials out again to every 4-6 weeks after that. It might sound like a lot, but consistency is key when it comes to clearing blemishes and clogged pores.

What should we apply on face at night? ›

Go to Bed With a Clean Face

An oil-based or cream-to-oil cleanser is gentle on the skin and leaves the skin's natural barrier unharmed and glowing.” She recommends Comfort Zone Remedy Cream to Oil Cleanser.

How does Vaseline get rid of blackheads overnight? ›

In the video, Yang first applied a layer of Vaseline all over her face. Then, she placed a few layers of plastic wrap over her nose and cheeks. She left it on overnight and removed it in the morning. With two cotton swabs and her fingers, she removed oil and debris from her pores.

What kind of facial is good for clogged pores? ›

What is a Deep Pore Cleansing Facial? A Deep Pore Cleansing Facial is a facial designed for people with acne or extremely oily skin. It works by opening the pores and giving the esthetician greater access to the problems within. The esthetician will use a steam treatment to open up the client's pores.

What's the best blackhead remover? ›

Best Extractor: Dermaflash Dermapore

The device features two modes: extract for a deep cleanse and infuse to enhance your moisturizer's absorption. After cleansing your skin and removing makeup, you can use the Dermapore to target blackhead-prone areas like the nose, chin, and forehead.


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